A portable emergency escape route at home

March 14, 2017

Say now you have a double storied home. Your bedroom, of course, is on the top floor. Your kitchen, living room and study are traditionally downstairs. Your kids’ bedrooms and en suite bathrooms are all upstairs. While this may all sound quite traditional to you at this point in time, you could look at is as a good risk management and health and safety imperative. While you and your family are most vulnerable, sound asleep at night, you and your family are located far from likely areas of danger in the event of a sudden emergency.

A burglar could be trying to get in downstairs. He is far too lazy to try and scale the walls while he still needs to disable your home’s state of the art burglar and fire alarm system. But say now a fire breaks out in the middle of the night, doesn’t matter if it is caused by an electrical fault or the smallest of breezes that tilts the edge of a kitchen curtain towards a gas stove inadvertently left on at its lowest notch. The risk management exercise worked.

Because you are all far removed from the line of danger. But what now, how the heck do you get out to escape the growing flames. This is any easy question to answer for you so long. What you do is this. You get yourself a portable emergency escape ladder. Its portable, but it can also be folded up neatly and tucked under your bed in case of that emergency. It should, however, be placed centrally so that whoever is quickest can reach it first. So, by the time a fire does come calling, you can whisk the ladder out and get your wife and kids quickly and safely out through your bedroom window.